A simple guide about foot fetishism and related things with this subject

Foot fetishism is a common sexual interest among people in which people show their interest toward human feet in a sexual way. The most common thing about feet fetish is that it the most common form of fetishism and almost half of the fetishist people can have attraction for feet. People that have this kind of fetishism may get sexual arousal by hothandling, viewing, licking, tickling, or kissing foot or toes of other people. Sometime they may also get same kind of arousal or feeling when someone does these things with their foot. These are few of the things that are very common among all the people that have feet fetish, but this fetishism interest is not limited only to these things and sometime things may even go to next level as well.

In other things people like it when their genital gets manipulated by feet of other person. In other words, we can say they like it when they get a foot massage from their partners. This is one of those things that are common among men and women both. To give this pleasure to a man a girl would put his penis between sole of both the feet and then she would rub it with her feet. This is something like hand job, and it gives fantastic pleasure to a man. Same is the case for women as well and they also like to get their pussy rubbed and played by the toes of a man’s feed.

Some people also like to get walked on their genitals area because of their feet fetish. However, experts do not consider it as a good practice because its neither safe nor very pleasurable. There are many other things as well that may not be well recorded or well known among so many people but people can do some more things as well that can be very serious and painful as well. So, if you find some other weird practices attached with foot fetishism, then you shall not have any kind of surprise in that.

But along with that many people can have some very basic desires as well for their Feet Fetish. Many of them may get pleasure just by watching the bare foot of other people. This is one of the simplest thing that people can do and they enjoy that thing as well in a great way. Other than this, many people can also like the foot massage because of their fetishism. These people may either love to get a foot massage or they may like to give this massage to other person. In either of the case, they get pleasure as per their feet fetish.

Some of you may also have opinion that only men can have feet fetish and women do not care much about it. If you have this opinion than you are wrong about it because not only men but many women also show their interest for foo. However, this number is not very high because this ratio is 70-30 among men and women, but women can also have this fetish in their heart.

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